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Event Pricing

We are available for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other events. See below for pricing and contact us for booking.

Service Area

Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, York County

Events outside of this service area will include a required travel fee

Per-item Event Pricing

Set-up fee (due before event) - $4 per person ($300 weekday/$500 weekend miniumum)

Final invoice (due at end of event) - Total cost minus set-up fee


Example: You have a weekday event with 100 expected attendees and want to provide beverages at no cost to your attendees. You pre-pay the $400 set up fee. Your guests order and receive a total of $500 in products. You pay your balance of $100 at the end of the event.


Drip coffee is available upon request only. Our regular service does not include drip coffee.


Please be as accurate as possible when estimating the number of guests!
We may sell out if there are more guests than expected.

Event Booking without Pre-Payment

Event organizers must commit to cover our minimum: $300 weekday/$500 weekend

Should our sales not meet the minimum, the event organizer is responsible for the balance.

Example: You invite us to an event on a Saturday and our sales total $450.
You will be billed $50 to meet our minimum.

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