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Image by Nathan Dumlao


Mangata Coffee & Tea is the result of a vision to work together as a family. In all the places we've lived, finding a local coffee shop has always been a top priority. There's something about fresh, local coffee that just tastes better. We always knew we wanted to do something as a family for our community and when the idea of opening a mobile coffee shop hit us, it all just started falling in to place. Making a quality cup of coffee or tea for the people in our community is not only a huge passion of ours, but it's a lot of fun!


We get asked almost daily about the story behind our name. Mangata is the Swedish word for the road like reflection of the moon on water.  We had our first kiss on the beach under the light of the moon. Since then, we've had a thing for the moon and it's phases. Living on the coast, a mangata is a very familiar sight to our customers! We also strive to reflect God in our lives and our business the same way the moon reflects the sun's light.

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